…Y’know, it’d make sense for her to be an alien, right?

Thank you for showing us the truth today, Pabbles! Our minds have been expanded with secret knowledge, and cute art! Always happy to see you take part in our challenges, and we hope to see you back again many more times to come!

Artist: Pabbles (

That’s a big alien!

… I’d still hit it.

Also more cute wall doodles~ wooo~

Thanks for participating you two! Hope ya had fun!

And don’t forget everyone, a Roundup is on! It started later than the challenge yesterday so you’ve still got about an hour and a half to submit!

Artists Included:

Wall Doodles (
m0nster-c00kie (

A few more nicely updated pieces :3 plus a crazy horse in socks I don’t recall seeing before.

Thanks guys~

Hope everyone enjoys!

We’ll see you later tonight for The Luna Challenge!

Bai bai~

Artists Included:

Empyu (
Douloug (

A clean shaven mayor-not-in-black bids a green two leggy thing bye bye, secret kept safe o3o

Hope you all had fun with Mayor Mare’s secrets!

See you later for more challenge! G’bye for now~

Artists Included:

Vanilla Cherry Cream (
Empyu (