I can’t recall… I may have actually posted the first one before! I found it by chance while on DA in the 30minchallenge stuff there.

Anywhoooo I think that’s all for this time on The Roundup! Thanks for the arts guys! :3

Hopefully tomorrow will go by without the kerfuffle today had to go through! See you later!



All this deliciousness is making me hungry! But the eternal question lies unresolved: do Equestrian ponies eat meat?

In either case, I’m off to find dinner! Catch ya’ later for another challenge!

Artists Included:

BronyGuard (http://bronyguard.tumblr.com/)
Theekman (http://theekman.deviantart.com/)
lumineko (http://www.lumineko.com)
Outofworkderpy (http://Outofworkderpy.tumblr.com)
phallen1 (http://phallen1.tumblr.com/)

Oh Celestia! *laugh track*

Even Cadance wants a liiiittle cake at least though ^^

Thanks for participating guys! Hope you had fun~

See you soon for more challenge! Bye for now!

Artists Included:

Empyu (http://empyu.deviantart.com/)
Aimi Hanibal (http://Aimihanibal.tumblr.com)