I can’t recall… I may have actually posted the first one before! I found it by chance while on DA in the 30minchallenge stuff there.

Anywhoooo I think that’s all for this time on The Roundup! Thanks for the arts guys! :3

Hopefully tomorrow will go by without the kerfuffle today had to go through! See you later!



All this deliciousness is making me hungry! But the eternal question lies unresolved: do Equestrian ponies eat meat?

In either case, I’m off to find dinner! Catch ya’ later for another challenge!

Artists Included:

BronyGuard (http://bronyguard.tumblr.com/)
Theekman (http://theekman.deviantart.com/)
lumineko (http://www.lumineko.com)
Outofworkderpy (http://Outofworkderpy.tumblr.com)
phallen1 (http://phallen1.tumblr.com/)

Oh Celestia! *laugh track*

Even Cadance wants a liiiittle cake at least though ^^

Thanks for participating guys! Hope you had fun~

See you soon for more challenge! Bye for now!

Artists Included:

Empyu (http://empyu.deviantart.com/)
Aimi Hanibal (http://Aimihanibal.tumblr.com)

Is a Twibutt really a trap tho~? Certainly the cake makes a fine lure at least!

Meanwhile Luna is a naughty child -3-

Anyway, the first one was sent in as nsfw, but as I can’t detect anything but a fine booty on Twilight I’ve placed it in the sfw.

Hope you guys had fun! It sure seems like it XD heh heh.

We’ll see you all next time for more challenge! Thanks for participating :3

Bye for now~