A’ight so there’s this…

As y’know we post all sorts of stuff, so, if this isn’t your taste I hope you don’t dwell on it too much! There’s also a regular nudie pone at the end ;3

Again, we have some quality issues unfortunately. Not a lot to be done about it. Pencil just doesn’t always hold up amazingly. I even color adjusted most things uploaded from Trot!

I don’t think that first one hits the mark with the giant part of giant board games, but it’s a neat variety of characters o3o

Pones love chess and dragons. Medieval flair.

Thanks for particpating folks! See you later for more challenge! Bye for now!

Artists Included:

Gryphon BBQ (http://)
B3 to A1 (http://rudestyle.tumblr.com)
xbi (http://xbi.deviantart.com/gallery/)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com)

Lots o’ different hair things! o3o very nice~

Thanks for participatin’ folks! Hope you had fun!

We’ll see you next time for more challenge, g’bye for now~

Artists Included:

helix (http://theplacewherestuffhappens.tumblr.com)
Vanilla Cherry Cream (http://vanilla-cherry-cream.tumblr.com/)
BronyGuard (http://bronyguard.tumblr.com/)
Outofworkderpy (http://Outofworkderpy.tumblr.com)
Empyu (http://empyu.deviantart.com/)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com/)

Simdate VS mode? That sounds like an interesting idea alright XD

I guess the second pic here is Smash Bros with ponies? Makes sense I guess o3o maybe Maneiac is like Master Hand or something.

Anyway hope you guys had fun :3 we’ll see you next time for more challenge!

Bye for now!

Artists Included:

Vanilla Cherry Cream (http://vanilla-cherry-cream.tumblr.com/)
sailormod (http://www.asksailorponies.tumblr.com)

… errr… I’m not sure I get the Scootaloo one ^^’ unless that scooter contains a loo.

In any case a terrible batch in the best way.

Artists Included:

phallen1 (http://phallen1.deviantart.com/)
JonFawkes (http://jonfawkes.tumblr.com/)
lumineko (http://www.lumineko.com)
Jaybeem (http://jaybeaniemags.deviantart.com)