Pushing down someone caught in a trap seems cruel, but if you insist…

But will Rainbow catch that wily Apple? Not if Applejack can rescue it!

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Artists Included:

Gritter solra (http://grittersolra.tumblr.com/)
ChumGuzzle (http://mostlydoodles.tumblr.com/)

Is a Twibutt really a trap tho~? Certainly the cake makes a fine lure at least!

Meanwhile Luna is a naughty child -3-

Anyway, the first one was sent in as nsfw, but as I can’t detect anything but a fine booty on Twilight I’ve placed it in the sfw.

Hope you guys had fun! It sure seems like it XD heh heh.

We’ll see you all next time for more challenge! Thanks for participating :3

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