Added the sfw Peanut Bucker and Jelly Pony thing to this one just so it wouldn’t be oddly alone.

The rest… is about a nifty participant we got! The three pictures labeled as Hoof Drawn were indeed drawn by hoof by that Fluttershy pictured! Pretty neat, eh? I figured it was worthy of some recognition.

And that brings the art from the 2018 Trotcon 30 Min Challenge Panel to a close!

Thanks to all our participants, it was a hoot and a half as usual~

If our Game Room table staff gets their art up we’ll post that as well as it’s own thing.

For now though, good night sweet sea pones~

Would you diddle a squiddle?

Someone did a pretty good rendering of a censored, but the scan of it didn’t turn out well (my bad) and it’s a bit late to fix. Sorry to that person, it was well done for a lil’ gag.

And here’s where the official challenges began! The first topic we used was Deep Sea Ponies!

Interpretations certainly varied, as was the intention :3

>.>’ though an Inkling wearing a horse shirt don’t really count as a pony. I’m lookin’ at you, rpb3000.

For the Trotcon arts we’re posting (finally, am I right?) we’ll start with… some practice doodley things we had people do while others arrived!

I believe the goal was to draw some form of someone next to you or perhaps just your OC? Something in that ballpark. Been a bit since this was hosted.

Not many of this particular group are signed or contain blog names. We did clarify to do that later, so hopefully they show up as we go. Otherwise it’s kind of difficult to get everyone’s names and all that, as this was done live at 2 AM or so.