Dash has somehow gotten hold of an ancient weapon from a more civilized age, this can only end awesomely.

Thanks for your participation, Pabbles! I’m certain you had as much fun drawing her as she will have destroying everything with that blade.

Artist: Pabbley (


Dashie blows a nice bubble, and in this second one I’m feeling rather flattered. See, Derp here made a R63 ponysona for me named Cyan Magenta some time ago, and that’s her blowing that bubble while listening to her tunes. So, extra special thanks to Derpanater on this challenge, and also thank you for participating as well Pabbles!

Pabbley (
Derpanater (

The Twilight challenge is…Pretty as a Postcard!

Equestria has some amazing places one could visit, and incredible vistas one can view. So, lets see some beautiful and alluring postcards for some of those places!

45 minutes to draw, 15 minutes to submit. Have fun!

The Luna challenge for tonight is…Ponify your Home!

Image result for artist bedroom
Image result for artist bedroom
Image result for lived in living roomFor this challenge I want you to pick anything you can see in your room right now, and ponify it anyway you can think of! Maybe its as simple as giving it a new color scheme, or as complex as turning an piece of furniture into a pony!

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit. Have fun!