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Thanks for the submissions, everyone. We hope to see you all for the Luna challenge!

Artists Featured:


Nova Spark (https://twitter.com/NovaSparkArt)

Going from 1 to 11 real fast there AJ.

Now who’s gunna give Bloomberg away at his weddin’? Good goin’ AJ.

Thanks for participating Jargon n’ Pabbles, hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


looks like she’s had a busy day.

Thanks for the submission, Pabbley, hope you had fun. We’ll see everyone again for the Luna challenge.

Artist Featured:

Pabbley (https://twitter.com/pabbley)


A piece of Starlight Glimmer pixel art! Seems like shes giving herself a snoot boop!

Thank you for taking part in this challenge, wenni! I don’t recall seeing your name before, so if you’re new here, welcome! And if I’ve just missed seeing you participate before, well, welcome anyway! Everyone is always welcome here!

Artist: wenni (https://twitter.com/20Wenni)

The Luna challenge tonight is…Pixel Ponies!

Be they still images, moving images, or even made in minecraft, let’s see some pixelated ponies for this challenge! Please note, you don’t have to make them WITH pixels, you can draw them to look pixelated and that’s fine. Also, you can make them in minecraft and send in a picture!