Today’s Cadance challenge is…Rolling Thunder blind date!

Any character or OC of your choice has won a blind date with Rolling Thunder here! How’s it going? Are they a good match? What fun stuff are they doing? Or is it going terribly? You decide!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit.







Aww, it’s like a cute family portrait!

Thanks for your submission, Pabbles!

See you all soon for another challenge, which the next one will be a little similar to this one!

Artists Included:

Pabbles (


Top tier spy Fluttershy is on the job! I mean seriously, who would ever expect her to be a spy? She’s the PERFECT agent!

Thank you xbi for taking part in this challenge today! Great job as always, and hope to see you join us again soon!

Artist: xbi (

See this is why dash bugs aj so much. She just doesn’t want to admit that’s why. You know it, i know it, everyone except tank knows it so lets move on.

Thanks to Pabbles ( and see you all next time.