Now THAT is a combo!

What a unique one! Wow XD the ultimate matriarch. No name with it though, hmmmm… Empress Hardboil? Emerald Overlord?

Thanks for participating S.F.W. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

See you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Thighs 2, Butts 0!

I’m surprised to see thighs win the night! I s’pose maybe it was just more interesting to draw :3

Also it’s easier for Fluttershy to give herself a thigh job perhaps? Hue hue.

Thanks for participating folks! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~



My ISP has always had a mean sense of humor- my net went down as the 24 hour challenge ended and just came back up, so this was more of a 29 hour challenge. (actually it’s still trying to die!)

In any case…

We’ve got a good handful of submissions here!

First up is a piece from Ruby Rose! I know this is their first time participating, so thanks for swinging by! Great name by the way!

Empyu really went to town with 3 pieces! Trotcon is a good christian yada yada so I won’t link you the 2 lewd variants of the bikini pic but if you want to find them I’m sure you will.

And last but not least we’ve got Osaka Oji with a slightly shy pegasus Proxy!

With this being mostly unplanned and chaotic I’d call this a pretty good turnout! Thank all three of you so much for your pieces, I hope you had fun drawing this digi-hors!

We’ll see you all later for more challenge! Bye for now~


(Oh yeah almost forgot- if you want any merch of Proxy there’s a lot of that over here and maybe more on the trotcon discord’s pages!)