Now THAT is a combo!

What a unique one! Wow XD the ultimate matriarch. No name with it though, hmmmm… Empress Hardboil? Emerald Overlord?

Thanks for participating S.F.W. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

See you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


NSFW Art~!

Two alicorns posed for tonight’s challenge! I bet Cadance was the one who convinced Twilight to give it a try!

Thank you for joining us tonight, MILF milk plz and ShinyFilthyWork! Hope to see you again real soon!

MILF milk plz (http://)
ShinyFilthyWork (

Thighs 2, Butts 0!

I’m surprised to see thighs win the night! I s’pose maybe it was just more interesting to draw :3

Also it’s easier for Fluttershy to give herself a thigh job perhaps? Hue hue.

Thanks for participating folks! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


NSFW art~!

It seems that Plaid is now doing butt stuff! Maybe she’s become a porn actress? Or a call girl? Maybe just a hooker, or perhaps it’s just a dildo and she’s merely taking a fun break, still supporting herself with her inventions. But who knows!

Thanks for the submission, Eww butt stuff! Hope ya had as muc hfun as she looks like she’s having!

Eww butt stuff (http://)


Either he has the ability to physically excrete gold from his rectum, or he’s way more of a badass than he lets on! ( or he just found a particularly wussy dragon! )

Thanks so much for taking the time to join us tonight, Derpanater and Empyu! Hope ya had fun, and come back again anytime!

Derpanater (
Empyu (


Applebloom has spent too much time talking to Treehugger and Discord it seems, and Twilight is…studying the flow of energy inside a lightning globe?

Anyway, thank you both for taking part in this challenge! See y’all next time!

Bill Neigh (http://)
Derpanater (


My ISP has always had a mean sense of humor- my net went down as the 24 hour challenge ended and just came back up, so this was more of a 29 hour challenge. (actually it’s still trying to die!)

In any case…

We’ve got a good handful of submissions here!

First up is a piece from Ruby Rose! I know this is their first time participating, so thanks for swinging by! Great name by the way!

Empyu really went to town with 3 pieces! Trotcon is a good christian yada yada so I won’t link you the 2 lewd variants of the bikini pic but if you want to find them I’m sure you will.

And last but not least we’ve got Osaka Oji with a slightly shy pegasus Proxy!

With this being mostly unplanned and chaotic I’d call this a pretty good turnout! Thank all three of you so much for your pieces, I hope you had fun drawing this digi-hors!

We’ll see you all later for more challenge! Bye for now~


(Oh yeah almost forgot- if you want any merch of Proxy there’s a lot of that over here and maybe more on the trotcon discord’s pages!)