Ah yes, sleep. Many an adult wishes for such simple pleasures upon their days off.

Thanks for taking up the challenge tonight, Pabbles! We’ll see ya again soon I’m sure!

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NSFW Art~!

Seems she decided to go to a beach topless! And with some sort of pervert in tow~

Sunny Sidde-Down, thank ya kindly for this submission. Glad you could join us yet again, and here’s to many more!

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Hmmm I’m not sure I’ve seen a pompadour that was bigger in the back before. But now I’m imagining a crazy mullet pompadour combo and I dig it.

Anyway, thanks for participating! Hope you guys had fun~

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Looks like Tempest has a thing or two to learn yet, like how her friends will probably only ask for nice and pretty magical spells to be cast on them, not dark ones. Just make Twi look like Cadance here! That’s all you gotta do, girl!

A big thanks to Moonatik and Aimi Hanibal for taking part in the challenge today! If you enjoyed yourselves, please do come back for more challenges!

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Pff, I swear, if I make room for jokes ya guys do porn. If I don’t acknowledge the possibility of goof, it’s all we get. Ya Contrary Caitlyns.

:3 always a good time though~ hope you had fun!

We’ll see you later for more challenge! Bye for now!

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Seems like Twilight sure enjoys playing the villain from time to time!

Many thanks to all the awesome artists who took part in today’s challenge! Hope you all decide to come back and join us again!

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