Ah, the holiday season. Stockings hung, houses decorated, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Brr. Enough of this cold, says I! Let’s go somewhere warmer. With palm trees, and coconuts, and scattered islands across an endless sapphire sea.

Tonight’s (nonpony) Luna challenge is… Moana!

Disney’s latest tale takes us to Polynesia where the sun shines and the waters are warm. Yet a plague has befallen the idyllic island paradise. Seems a demigod stole the heart of the goddess of life and ushered in a an era of darkness that has slowly been consuming the world. It’s up to one rebellious teenager to find that demigod and make him put the heart back where it belongs! For tonight’s challenge, draw something from Moana! As usual, ponify if you’d like, but you’re under no obligation to.

You’ve got 30 mins to create followed by 15 to submit! Enjoy!

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