Tonight’s (nonpony) Luna challenge is… Nintendo!

Hype. Everyone’s hype when a new console from a major player comes out. Nintendo just announced details of their newest hardware – the Nintendo Switch. This funky little puppy detaches and can be played on the go, or played on the big screen as one would expect. It’s just as innovative (or gimmicky, depending on your point of view) as all new Nintendo hardware strives to be, and already has an impressive announced lineup. Mario Kart, Splatoon, Zelda, Fire Emblem, there’s even talk of a port of Skyrim! If it can pull off Skyrim, then it’s definitely packing some real power in a small package. So for tonight’s challenge, draw some Nintendo hype! Whatever’s got you excited! Welcome to Generation 9 of video game history!

You’ve got 45 mins to create followed by 15 to submit! Enjoy!

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