Cave Johnson here. Look, I know you may not have been expecting me, but I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that our lawyers tell me that I can’t force you all to fight in an electrified tar pit for science. They’re telling me that it’s “illegal and unethical”. So until I can find a new set of lawyers with a looser sense of morality to replace them, they’re making me provide a drawing challenge for you to do. That was the good news.

So it looks like the Non-Pony Twilight Challenge this time is… Portal!

We here at Aperture Science pride ourselves with the invention of our Portal technology. To put it simply, you go in one hole, you come out the other. Now as much as I want you guys to get to testing, you guys have to get drawing first.

So, bust out your drawing apparatuses, because you have 30 minutes to draw something related to Portal, then we’ll allow a leisurely 15 minutes to have you all show what you made. If we like it, we’ll put it on the fridge and give you a gold star.

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