Hairy’s getting a nice grooming session from these two!

Thanks for the submission, everyone, hope you all had fun. We’ll see you again for the Luna challenge!

Artists Featured:

ShinyFilthyWork (

elbenjaftw (


WOO! Taking a drive to a beach it looks like, or at least in a tropical climate! That’s a good way to spend a day away from school for those cool cats!

Thank you elbenjaftw for taking part in this challenge! Hope you’ll join us again soon for more!

Artist: elbenjaftw (

Sergeant 16-Bit did a lot of art! :D

Some of this is a bit risque, but it’s not something I’d classify as NSFW, so be a tad warned.

Sergeant really went all out with how much art he made! He and the other Ed Boys hung out quite a bit in the game room!

Sergeant 16-Bit is your Eddy and I believe Caleb The Dogman is Ed! They also work on some Sonic Paradox stuff!

I think a few art pieces are missing actually, one of the pieces of art of High Score, the Pixel Ponies mascot, and a pair of Sarge’s pictures a friend of his took a shine to. But otherwise that should be all the art from Trotcon this year!

Hope you all enjoyed participating and viewing all this art! It was a blast and we hope to see you all next year too!


So, sometimes at a con you just find things or people just make stuff unrelated to topics. Which is cool! So we’re sharing that too!

More stuff incoming! This is the last of the actual challenge related stuff, but a good chunk of the challenge staff also works the gameroom for Trotcon, and we have an area for people to draw at. So here comes that also!