… I lied!

Okay so it wasn’t intentionally a lie but what I planned wouldn’t work out for this week and I only realized as I was setting it up. So look forward to it in a few weeks! It’ll be really raunchy and all that, promise.

But anyway, since I buggered it up I thought we’d have a lark and make the challenge Hello Kitty.

You can still make it nsfw though if you want I guess. I have no idea how old Hello Kitty is supposed to be though. But they stick her on booze and vibrators as well as coloring books and such, so, whatever.

Feel free to draw any of her little friends as well. A google search will turn up tons of material for outfits and all that. Just make it yours.

As usual ponifications and so on are welcome if you wish. Also, fun fact, Tara Strong voiced Hello Kitty at one point.

You’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!

Or maybe purple slut~

Hope you guys had fun with this one :3

Sorry for the issues, the challenge runner on this one made the one fatal mistake I’ll never understand.

Using the mobile version. It is never not shit.

Anyway, stay tuned tonight for a zesty fun non-pony challenge on the american! Fun for pervs at least. Tell your friends!

Artists Included:

Fearingfun (http://fearingfun.tumblr.com)