WOWZERS! We have TWO submissions for this challenge!…well, more like ONE of them is submitting, the other seems much more of the dominating type~

A big thanks to our two participants, Zemer and mpushomework! Hope you both had fun, and will decide to join us again for future challenges!

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mpushomework (
Zemer (

So sad! Moondancer looks so lonely without Sci-Twi attending Canterlot High. Maybe if she crossed through the portal she could join Pinkie and Dash on the couch. I wonder what game they’re playing?

Thanks Empyu and Pabbles for your submissions! Hope to see you again soon~

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Empyu (
Pabbles (

That’s a cranky doodle adultery with a sometimes cranky griffon!

Moondancer’s romance seems more like a rare pair than a crack ship but it’s still neat :3

Meanwhile in the land of two leggies some other shipping has strange things happen to it as well!

Thanks for participating all, hope ya had fun!

See ya later~

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