It looks like we have 2 different mythical creatures and 2 different experiences with them. They both seem like the kinds of creatures you don’t want to make angry, so be careful how you respond to them.

Thank you, Klondike and Kfox for participating. I hope you both had fun!.

And we hope to see you back here later for more challenges!!

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Suits, laser blasts, and birds with attitude. I could be down for this Power Rangers reboot.

That’s all for this roundup! See ya next time for more!

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MKogwheel (

Twi can turn ponies into griffons now? She’s only a few steps away from *being* Discord at this point!

Thanks for the draws, and we’ll see you later with more challenge!

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Who knew Fluttershy would be into such kinky stuff? And Pinkie and RDseem to have found a way to make party games even more fun and exciting!

Thank you, Tempus Fudgets and el-yeguero, for the art! Hope you both had fun!

And we hope to see you in a bit for more challenges!!

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