NSFW Art~!

” An unlikely alliance, an even unlikelier outcome. Speed and beauty come together in this page turner by renowned author A. K. Yearling. It’ll have you on the edge the whole time! ” – Equestria’s Daily Bread.

” A fantastic look into the mind of Manehattan’s criminal elite, and the shipping is fantastic too! ” -The Garden Post.

” I never suspected intrigue and romance from an adventure writer, but here we are! I couldn’t put it down for even a moment! ” – Ponyville Now

” Why are you asking me for my opinion? I wrote the damn thing! That’s like skipping to the end to see if the journey is worth it! Go read it and make your own opinion, yeah? ” – A. K. Yearling.

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Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (https://twitter.com/SunnySiddeDown)

NSFW Art~!

It would indeed sell copies of the issue! But probably only on hentai websites. And who can forget when Professor Aggressor hypnotized Masked Matterhorn into becoming their personal love slave for a who five issue arc!

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