Now to pawn these for some Jawbreakers…

Alternate universes are weird, Eddy.

… Shut up, Ed.

Thanks for participating folks! Hope ya had fun!

See ya later for more stuff, bye for now~

Art by… and Jargon Scott

Impressive length and flexibility being displayed here by Futaloo. Aawesome job girl, keep it up and you’ll be cumming in no time!

Thank you for your submission LockeZero, for without your contribution our inbox would be barren, empty, and sad. And who wants that shit?

So until the next time we challenge you all to draw, have fun and stay awesome!

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LockeZero (

Two very memorable scenes indeed!

Gilded_Dragon, LockeZero, thank you so much for taking part in today’s Cadance challenge! Hope you two had fun, and we hope you’ll join us again soon for another challenge!

Artists Included:

LockeZero (
Gilded_Dragon (