Going from 1 to 11 real fast there AJ.

Now who’s gunna give Bloomberg away at his weddin’? Good goin’ AJ.

Thanks for participating Jargon n’ Pabbles, hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Consarnit! When was the last time…

Image result for Applejack eating other fruit

Image result for applebucking

Y’all just drew some applebuckin’?

That’s right, today’s Twilight Challenge is applebucking! Who is doing the bucking is up to you!

… I mean it doesn’t specifically have to be bucking. You get the idea, the whole process! Anything you can think of.

Anyway, you’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~