Meet Iron Eagle! A battle hardened pegasi of times long past!…Well, maybe less ‘hard’ now, more soft perhaps? ┬áThick thighs can save lives sure, but they usually need to be thick with muscle, not flab. Especially for soldiers!

Thanks for taking part in the challenge tonight, Pabbles! hope to see you again real soon!

Artist: Pabbley (

The Luna challenge today is…Ancient Pegasi!

The pegasi of ages past seem pretty warlike, always wearing armor and eager to pick fights. These traits seem to have mostly mellowed out in the modern day, though overall Pegasi seem a bit more prone to seeking out adventure and danger, and to putting themselves in harms way to protect others. At least, that’s my take. But enough about that, let’s see you draw some pegasi from long ago!

30 minutes  to draw, 15 to submit! Have fun!