The NSFW Luna challenge is…Nude skeleton body paint!

Pick anypony you want, male, female, somewhere in between, strip ’em down, and slap a skeleton on them with paint!

You have 45 minutes ti draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

Artists: ( nsfw ) ( nsfw )


Princess Cadance posing for a photoshoot while pregnant with Flurry. Even enlarged she is still drop dead gorgous!

Thank you, I swear it’s not a fetish, for this lovely submission.

Artist: I swear it’s not a fetish (http://)

NSFW art~!

Well, whatever it is that got her, it clearly filled Dashy enough to make her pregnant! Hopefully she can teach her future tentacle child to be a productive and helpful member of pony society, like Twilight did for Spike! Or she can start her own sex studio and/or store, with a very unique staff member~. Perhaps Fluttershy can help!

Many thanks to Pabbles for providing us with the tentacular art we got today!

Artist: Pabbles (

The Twilight challenge shall be….Pregnant Mares!

Pretty straight forwards. Pick any mare, anywhere along the line of pregnancy from initial insemination all the way to birth, and draw it up!

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!


P.S., It’s unsurprisingly difficult to find sfw pregnancy images on derpibooru, and I get the feeling most of you won’t be adding to the already tiny list of them. ;P


Demonic Yona looks like a mix between the Juggernaut and a Viking warrior! Which honestly makes sense. And then we get a much cuter demonification of the background six!

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this challenge you two!

Sunny Sidde-Down (
demonifier (http://)

NSFW Art~!

Ooooh, Demonic Smoulder! Looks like she’s a fan of that latex style!

Thank you for bringing us your interpretation of a demonic dragon, Pabbles! See ya next time!

Artist: Pabbles (

The Luna challenge is….Demonify the Student Six and/or Background Six!

We’ve seen Sunset Satan, Midnight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie’s imaginary evil Dash. And I KNOW we’ve seen artists all over do Demonic versions of the Mane six based off these styles. But let’s see the Background and Student six get the same treatment!

Pick any number of characters from either group, and have at it! What do they look like? Act like? Do they get armor? Clothing? Weapons?!?

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

Artists for last two images used:


Dash in some DS inspired armor, and a very souls borne evoking image of Luna and presumably one of her miniboss underlings, amidst the legions of their slain enemies.

Thanks so much for doing some draws for us tonight you two! Hope you’re happy with your results, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

Pabbles (
OJ (

Today’s Luna challenge is…Ponified Souls Bornes!

Dark Souls Is easily the mpost well known of the Souls Borne genre, and has attained a status so ingrained in our culture, that it’s become a measurement and example for its entire genre of game! ” Oh, it’s like dark souls but (with) ‘X’ “.

That said, let’s see how you ponify this dark and challenging game series! Any Souls Borne game will do, so if you aren’t super familiar with DS, no problem!

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

No source provided

NSFW Art~!

Seems Twilight and Spike have found themselves in the position of Filia and Samson! Though they both seem far hornier than their Skullgirll counterparts!

Thanks for taking part in this challenge, Sunny Sidde-Down! You’re always welcome here!

Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (