Woo! That’s a Mjolnir armored pegasus pony that is! Wielding an MA5D, Standard issue UNSC assault rifle. Awesome!

Thanks so much for taking time away from playing Halo Reach to draw some Halo stuff for this challenge, Pabbles! Hope the next time a challenge pops up that you like, it won’t tear you away from something else you also wanna do!

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Today’s Luna challenge is…Halo Reach Ponies!

Halo Reach was just re-released for the Halo Master Chief Collection on xbox on the 3rd of this month! It had and still has the largest and most varied armor customization of the entire series, so tons of armor variety!

So, make your own Reach pony in cool armor! Whoever you like, be they canon or OC, and make them an awesome space cyborg warrior!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. To victory!


Tonight’s Twilight challenge is…Black Friday Rarity!

It’s Rarity, and it’s black friday. She can’t POSSIBLY ignore the sales on that day, so what happens on this dark day to our dramatic pone, hmm?

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Don’t get trampled in the riotous rush to take part!


Is it chocolate rain? Regular rain? The collective release of five other mares above her in a sexual or kinktacular manner?!

Who is to say? She’s to busy laughing and having fun to make words. Also, she is a drawing, and thus cannot speak without written artisinal aid, of which Pabbles has only given us her laughter.

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge today, Pabbles! Hope you had as much fun as Pinkie’s having, and we’ll see you next time you take part in one of our challenges!

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Meet Iron Eagle! A battle hardened pegasi of times long past!…Well, maybe less ‘hard’ now, more soft perhaps? ┬áThick thighs can save lives sure, but they usually need to be thick with muscle, not flab. Especially for soldiers!

Thanks for taking part in the challenge tonight, Pabbles! hope to see you again real soon!

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The Luna challenge today is…Ancient Pegasi!

The pegasi of ages past seem pretty warlike, always wearing armor and eager to pick fights. These traits seem to have mostly mellowed out in the modern day, though overall Pegasi seem a bit more prone to seeking out adventure and danger, and to putting themselves in harms way to protect others. At least, that’s my take. But enough about that, let’s see you draw some pegasi from long ago!

30 minutes  to draw, 15 to submit! Have fun!


Rainbow Dash ( I assume, because it’s Pabbles ) as Kamen Rider Build! I believe that’s the Rabbit Tank configuration as well, very nice!

Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge tonight, Pabbles! Hope to see you again real soon for more of them!

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Today’s Luna challenge is….Power Ponies and Tokousatsu Teamup!

Tokusatsu is the company behind Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, and a plethora of other transforming hero shows! So lets see a teamup of these characters in any way you want!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. It’s Drawin’ Time!