NSFW Art~!

Seems like Pinkie Pie wants to have ALL the fun at the club tonight, and everypony and anypony is invited~!

Pabbles, thank you for bringing to us your art for this challenge. Hope ta see you again real soon!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)


All she’s gotta do is look at ya to make your heart stop, no magic needed~

Thanks for your participation today, Pabbles! Please do come again!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)

NSFW Art~!

Umm, Trixie you lost your…actually, nevermind, it’s all good. And ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to our new school counselor!…I think she’s gonna be very popular~

Thanks for deciding to hop in here for this challenge, ShinyFilthyWork and Sunny Sidde-Down! See ya again soon I hope!

ShinyFilthyWork (https://twitter.com/ShinyFilthyWork)
Sunny Sidde-Down (https://twitter.com/SunnySiddeDown)

The Twilight challenge is….Always Accidentally(?) Alluring Lullamoon!

Her looks, her attitude, her voice, her motions. Nearly everything about this mare is alluring! Be it by accident or on purpose, what shenanigans might this cause?

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

Late NSFW entry~!

While it wasn’t completed in the allotted time given, we here at 30 minute challenge like art, so we’re putting it up anyway!

I wonder who forgot the date though? Because I can see this working for either of them as a punishment for forgetting it. Either way, they’re clearly having fun!

Thanks for taking the time to do the challenge, Sunny-Sidde Down! Even if ya were a little late at the end.

Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (https://twitter.com/SunnySiddeDown)


Ooh, the implications! Seems like Octavia is the one who took the initiate on their first date~

Thanks for taking part in the challenge today, xbi! Come by again anytime!

Artist: xbi (https://xbi.deviantart.com)

NSFW Art~!

Now the question is, are they naked because ponies don’t normally wear clothes? Or because the date is about to get spicey~?

Thanks for the submission Pabbles! Always glad to see you stop by!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)

The Twilight challenge is…Vinyl and Octavia’s first date!

Was it quiet and peaceful? Loud and raucous? A little of both? Did it go well? Or was it a flop? Or maybe it was more of a ” let’s paint the town red! ” kinda date?

All these options and any others you can think of are acceptable for tonight’s challenge! You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!


NSFW Art~!

” An unlikely alliance, an even unlikelier outcome. Speed and beauty come together in this page turner by renowned author A. K. Yearling. It’ll have you on the edge the whole time! ” – Equestria’s Daily Bread.

” A fantastic look into the mind of Manehattan’s criminal elite, and the shipping is fantastic too! ” -The Garden Post.

” I never suspected intrigue and romance from an adventure writer, but here we are! I couldn’t put it down for even a moment! ” – Ponyville Now

” Why are you asking me for my opinion? I wrote the damn thing! That’s like skipping to the end to see if the journey is worth it! Go read it and make your own opinion, yeah? ” – A. K. Yearling.

Thanks for hopping onto this late challenge with us, Sunny Sidde-Down! Glad you would make it!

Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (https://twitter.com/SunnySiddeDown)