Whoops, wardrobe malfunction!

You know Rarity brought it all. Sprays, creams, umbrellas… everything. Probably even a spare top or three. But it doesn’t remove them tiddies from Snips’ brain! Curse you public beaches! CURSE YOU CRAB!

Nice job Elbenjaftw! Hope ya had fun 😀 see y’all next time for more challenge! Baiiii~


A Sweetie to surpass even Metal Gear!

Vampiric powers, evil amulets, and crab battles… my oh my, she didn’t hold back did she? Good for Sweetie.

Nice job everyone, hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all next time for more challenge! G’bye for now~

Artists Included:

Whoof (http://griefertock.tumblr.com/)
lumineko (http://www.lumineko.com)
phallen1 (http://phallen1.tumblr.com/)