Someone found a way to make staying hydrated more fun! I don’t think too many of us would have trouble keeping up on our water intake if this was how we drank it up!

Thanks for participating, elbenjaftw. I hope you had fun!

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Whoops, wardrobe malfunction!

You know Rarity brought it all. Sprays, creams, umbrellas… everything. Probably even a spare top or three. But it doesn’t remove them tiddies from Snips’ brain! Curse you public beaches! CURSE YOU CRAB!

Nice job Elbenjaftw! Hope ya had fun 😀 see y’all next time for more challenge! Baiiii~

My my, these mare’s certainly do seem to enjoy their toys quite a lot!

Thank you very much for all your contributions to today’s challenge, artists! Hope much fun was had, and hope you’ll join us again soon for more challenges!

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