Luna is looking absolutely exquisite in her evening dress. Clearly she is ready for some very formal receptions.

Thanks for participating, xbi. I hope you had fun.

We hope to see you and many more around later for more challenges!!

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Oh no, the doodles melt! D:

Looks like Monster Cookie was even busier than Locke this roundup!

Thanks for participating you guys! Hope ya had fun!

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Horny is the head that wears the crown it seems. Then again, the Vampire Fucker whip also has that effect judging by Belmont’s Bellend.

Harshwhinny? She just unprofessional. And Lulu is an anal slut. Can’t help herself.

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I’m so glad these sisters were able to amend things. And who better to enjoy this breakfast with than your siblings, am I right?
Thank you Wolfy for the cute draw and everyone else who’s stuck around for these challenges over the years! We’ll see you again for the Cadence~

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