Seems someone, despite being an alicorn, loved the bald look so much it just had to stick.Regardless it looks like someone is pretty strong and I wonder what the fire nation would look like in equestria (thank memes for that reference)

and thanks to xbi ( for this submission.


I assume it’s Rainbow Dash down there, since Trixie is sorta spoken for already. But maybe she and Starlight have an open relationship? Who knows!

Anyway, thanks for taking part in this challenge PoneBoning! Hope you enjoyed yourself, and we’ll look forward to you joining us again soon!

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NSFW art!

Looks like the answer is, she gets fucked! And fucked a lot in many different ways at that!

Thanks for enlightening us as to what my favorite princess does on this joyous holiday, hexado! With this knowledge now imparted upon us, we can venture forth unto the next challenge with enlightened minds and engorged loins!

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NSFW Art!~

Watersports does have sports in the title! Also happens to be my favorite sport! Especially when ponies are involved~

Thank you Watersportsmen for this kinky piece of art! Hope you had as much fun making it as the participants seem to be having engaging in it, and we hope to see you again for future challenges!

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Art Time!

It’s Twilight Sparkle, the card carrying shippacorn fairy!  Come to play matchmaker for everyone and everything in Equestria whether you like it or not!

Thanks for participating today for the Cadance challenge Empyu, hope you had fun coming up with and subsequently drawing your clever idea, and we hope to see you again soon!

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