And just a single sfw ( barely ) piece! She clearly hasn’t started taking stuff off yet, which would include the naughty-bits-hiding-faux-coat-panties! Which are supplied by the state to help ponies keep modest in these modern times.

Thank you Pabbles, for taking part in this Luna challenge! Hope you find another of our challenges that tickles your fancy, and hurry back soon!

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Strip clubs galore! Or, well since ponies don’t normally wear clothes, I suppose they’d be erotic dance clubs? Either way, sexy and awesome! And of course, everyone’s favorite couple getting frisky in a danceclub, but can you really blame Trixie, given how hot her girlfriend is? I can’t! 

Thank you everyone who took part in the Luna challenge, and to everyone still taking part in the roundup! Love you all, keep being rad!

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