starlight glimmer and lyra heartstrings

Sometimes to make a story or get something new as an idea you take two characters and just toss them in the same room. That’s my mindset for this challenge. In this case two characters i don’t remember really meeting before, although they might have. Starlight glimmer the former villain turned well student i guess i’ll say and lyra heartstrings. the….. “best friend” of bon bon.

So take the next 45 minutes to decide how they would interact with each other. Could be good could be bad could be just meh we are existing in the same space. After that you get 15 minutes to send it into the inbox.

Yeah, I know where this is going. Luckily I’ve built up a resistance…to…this kind…of…Zzz…

…Whuh? Where was I? Oh, right.

Thanks for drawing best pony, Pabbles!

See you all soon for another challenge!

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Strip clubs galore! Or, well since ponies don’t normally wear clothes, I suppose they’d be erotic dance clubs? Either way, sexy and awesome! And of course, everyone’s favorite couple getting frisky in a danceclub, but can you really blame Trixie, given how hot her girlfriend is? I can’t! 

Thank you everyone who took part in the Luna challenge, and to everyone still taking part in the roundup! Love you all, keep being rad!

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