She’s actually less Pink than usual :B cheater.

Also, this Alicorn Trixie fell through the cracks yesterday! Lookin’ a lot more casual confident, eh? Hmmm. The character developed Trrrrixie~

Thanks for participating guys! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~








…Gonna miss you, show.

We won’t be having a Twilight Challenge tonight. Since it will be happening at the same time, we encourage you all to watch the finale of Friendship is Magic instead.

But we’ll see you soon for the Luna Challenge!



Antimation (
Empyu (
xbi (

Trixie needs an assistant and lighting dust always wants to be the center of attention so this seems like the best for both of them. If only lightning felt as sure of trixies skills as she did.

Thanks to Empyu ( for this cute/silly piece of art. and see you at twilight.

Trixie and lightning dust duo

Todays challenge is another duo. This time we got Trixie and lightning dust. Someone who came forward and challenged one of the main six in their own field and fell flat only to come back when they thought they figured out how to one up them, only to not end up where they wanted. While you have to admire when someone works hard you got to wonder what they did to get from point a to b.

So take 45 minutes to make something up then 15 minutes to send it into the inbox.

Today’s Luna Challenge is…

Related image

Image result for he sees you when you're sleeping santa

Somnophilia ‘Santa’!

Not a creature was stirring. But the holiday spirit sure gets around! Be it an actual santa, a pretender, a pony equivalent, or whatever else. Someone is out there for sleep fondles in cartoon horse land.

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

(I put the link for the art in the picture itself!)

Can I be her next volunteer?

Thanks for drawing a sexually deviant magician today, Ivy! Hope you had fun, her assistant had fun, and she had fun. ( preferably of the sweet and filthy variety~! ) 

And soon, there will be more fun! As another challenge will be issued, and we’ll see who answers the call!

Artists Included:

Ivy (

Just business as usual for Celestia and Red Heart it seems!

Meanwhile someone is smuggling a butt >3> smuggling is a type of business though so it’s perfectly safe, I’m sure.

Thanks for participating in this totally sfw challenge everyone! Hope ya had fun!

Artists Included:

Meta-M (http://)
Lockezero (
KD (