With Amazing Action. Of some kind.

Much too coherent for any form of Beast Boy, tsk tsk. Starfire is lookin’ pretty rad… too rad! We can’t sell toys of something that rad! Has to be less good!

Thanks for participating Pabbles and Xbi, hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Bam, pow!

Griffon technique comin’ at ya!

Derpy though is just playing with her friends. Obviously. They don’t even have holes! Silly bugs.

Thanks for participating Osaka and Xbi! Hope ya had fun!

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…Gonna miss you, show.

We won’t be having a Twilight Challenge tonight. Since it will be happening at the same time, we encourage you all to watch the finale of Friendship is Magic instead.

But we’ll see you soon for the Luna Challenge!



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I trust this child. So much so that I will entrust her with this stabbing knife while I turn my back and do other innocent things.

Thanks for your submissions, elbenjaftw, Pabbles, and xbi!

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