Spooki Scari

Lions and vampires and zombies oh my!

Smoulder dressed up twice. Cuz second, later, party. Of course.

Thanks for participating guys! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see ya all later for more stuffs! Bye for now~


Bam, pow!

Griffon technique comin’ at ya!

Derpy though is just playing with her friends. Obviously. They don’t even have holes! Silly bugs.

Thanks for participating Osaka and Xbi! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see ya later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Wow! Those are some pretty rad comic book covers if I do say so myself!

Thanks m0nster-c00kie and Derpanater for taking up today’s Cadance challenge! Given how often you guys participate, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you like drawing, so we can’t wait to see you two for future challenges!

Artists Included:

m0nster-c00kie (http://pumpkin-somethin-art.tumblr)
Derpanater (https://derpanatersdoodledumpingden.tumblr.com/)

Was it a spell gone awry? Has she entered a different dimension though yet another of those portals? Or is Applejack the griffon just far more fond of being on the ground than she is of being in the air? More questions for us to ponder!

Thank you for your participation in the challenge today, Pabbles! Eager to see your next submission when next a challenge is run!

Artists Included:

Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com)