Six Moms!

Oooh, an ambitious piece! I hope you have a shot at finishing it up, it’s lookin’ good!

Thanks for participating 6KBees! Hope ya had fun!

… does Mrs. Shy still just have the name Mrs. Shy? Has she not gotten a strong fan name or canon name? Oh well…

(I forgot to add the link to this one, ack! And now I don’t have it…)

That’s some good fruit fuckin’ right there!

A hearty thanks to all our participants for this challenge! You are the reason we do this after all!

Hope everyone had fun, and we’ll see you all soon for the next challenge!

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Joey Waggoner ( and
dnon (
mpushomework (
elbenjaftw (

Soooooo Many Mom’s!!! Family is everything dudes!

Thank you to everyone for you awesome submissions!!! 6 individual submissions isn’t a small number, thank you!!

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Zemer (
Crissy (
Courtney (
Grey (
CowsRTasty (
Pabbles (

Sometimes they’re a little overbearing, but moms are sweet and cute and deserve respect. 

Thanks everyone for joining me, and sorry for all the delays!

EDIT: there was one NSFW post thats not for tumblr, now on derpibooru!

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Jargon Scott (
Pabbles (

Everypony looks so pretty with the flowers in their mane!

Thank you, M0nster-c00kie, xbi, and the anon artist, for participating!
I hope you all had fun!!

We hope to see you back here in a few hours for more challenges!!

Artists Included:

m0nster-c00kie (
xbi (