Oh my, looks like we went to a different school!

Yes, this appears to be the Ponyville schoolhouse, not The School of Friendship! …. oh well! That’s legal on this website, after all~

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I’m curious about silvers shirt here. Is it custom order, home made, something from a store? Well either way it seems she is a happy sleeper. Such a cute smile. I just wonder if diamond is suppose to be in the bedroom or if she is worrying about her friend for some reason.

Thanks to both dnon and plotcore for these two cute pieces of art.

Artists Included:

dnon (http://probablydnon.tumblr.com)
Plotcore (https://plotcore.tumblr.com/)

Just friends. Just friends, right? Also adorable tsunderes and still bullies, it seems.

Check our tag on derpibooru for the less safe-for-tumblr art.

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Artists Included:

Mr.smile (http://nsfw-mrsmile.tumblr.com/)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com/)

By day, she’s your average filly cozying up with a Diamond Tiara plushie. But at night, she’s a crime-fighting Superhero!

Thanks for participating, Keboponda and Pabbles!

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Artists Included:

Keboponda (http://keboponda.tumblr.com)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com/)

Tasty home cookin’ with Spoon! Soups and baked goods, what else could you ask for?

Well, you might ask for the submission I didn’t feel like we could put up here- you can find that over on Derpibooru in the 30minchallenge tag!

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Artists Included:

Keboponda (http://keboponda.tumblr.com)
Empyu (http://empyu.deviantart.com/)