Oooh, quite the turnout :3 and quite the variety too! Nice job everyone!

I hope everyone enjoys checkin’ out these magical mares!

We’ll see you next time for more challenge! Until then take it easy~

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lumineko (
phallen1 (
Scramjet (

Wizards, tables, and misunderstandings! Quite the trio of pinball arts!

Nice job guys ^^

And don’t forget today has a bonus challenge coming up in just half an hour! It should be a really neat one!

See you then!

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TunDeri (

Mabu (

Empyu (

Languages and the language of… arty things. Yeah. An enriching day for all!

Hope you guys had a good day at school o3o we’ll see you later for another challenge! G’bye for now~

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KittenKnightBlog159 (
Hasana chan (
Empyu (

Wow, lots of adorable nerdy ponies tonight! Thanks to all who participated in this challenge, see you next time!

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JonFawkes (
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Jaybeem (
zenny (
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