Well, unexpected side effects are bound to happen when you get so crazy with your sciencing, Twilight!

A hearty thanks to both our artists who took part in this challenge, Fakskis and Pabbles! See y’all next time!

Fakskis (
Pabbley (

If only it were so easy, eh? And Dash must be pretty oblivious to not…ah…hmm…nope, nevermind, Dash wouldn’t notice at all.

Nova Spark, penlink, thanks for taking part in the challenge today! Hope you didn’t have to replace your hands at any point while drawing, and that you both had a good time!

And for both of you, and anyone and everyone else, we hope to see you again next time!

Artists Included:

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No stock and broken bags, some of the most common and frustrating emergencies one might face when out shopping, for sure!

Thank you for your submissions Empyu and Eyso! Hope you come back again for future challenges!

Artists Included:

Empyu (
Eyso (