Well said, and swung Quickdraw! And Twilight seems both confused and well equipped! I wonder what has brought her to this state of being?

Many thanks to the two of you, Pabbles and person who left no personal info for me to link nor identify you with!

Pabbley (

I don’t think it should be too common to be able to go and buy little dolls of your friends, so I would be confused too, Twilight.

Thanks for the art, Veesocks. Hope you had fun!

We hope you and many more join us in a few hours for the Cadance Challenge.

Artists Included:

Veesocks (

Today’s Celestia challenge is Confusion!!

It can be really easy to be confused when there is a lot going on or things just don’t make sense for some reason. It can also lead to some cute tilted heads and strange facial expressions. Since everything has something that confuses them you can draw anypony you want.

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!