Well, unexpected side effects are bound to happen when you get so crazy with your sciencing, Twilight!

A hearty thanks to both our artists who took part in this challenge, Fakskis and Pabbles! See y’all next time!

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Genie Twilight Sparkle

Filling in the role of a magical djinn this time is Twilight Sparkle. Whether she’s the princess from Canterlot, or Sci-Twi from the other world (or both), She’s taking a break to fulfill your wishes, and maybe dance a little.


Genie Twilight Sparkel! by David3X

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have Fun!


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Ah yes, what better way to enjoy sand than to bury your friends alive. I’m sure AJ will come around and Pinkie is quite creative

Thank you 32232232 and Telly for your submissions this morning!

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Twilight seems to have had some interesting experiences with the Want it Need it spell! Experimenting with it for science is one thing, but making money in a morally questionable way is another.

Thank you for participating, Empyu and TellyWeb Cartoons! I hope you both had fun!!

We hope you will join us later for more challenges!!

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