Today’s Luna Challenge is…

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Somnophilia ‘Santa’!

Not a creature was stirring. But the holiday spirit sure gets around! Be it an actual santa, a pretender, a pony equivalent, or whatever else. Someone is out there for sleep fondles in cartoon horse land.

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

(I put the link for the art in the picture itself!)

Can I be her next volunteer?

Thanks for drawing a sexually deviant magician today, Ivy! Hope you had fun, her assistant had fun, and she had fun. ( preferably of the sweet and filthy variety~! ) 

And soon, there will be more fun! As another challenge will be issued, and we’ll see who answers the call!

Artists Included:

Ivy (

Just business as usual for Celestia and Red Heart it seems!

Meanwhile someone is smuggling a butt >3> smuggling is a type of business though so it’s perfectly safe, I’m sure.

Thanks for participating in this totally sfw challenge everyone! Hope ya had fun!

Artists Included:

Meta-M (http://)
Lockezero (
KD (

Strip clubs galore! Or, well since ponies don’t normally wear clothes, I suppose they’d be erotic dance clubs? Either way, sexy and awesome! And of course, everyone’s favorite couple getting frisky in a danceclub, but can you really blame Trixie, given how hot her girlfriend is? I can’t! 

Thank you everyone who took part in the Luna challenge, and to everyone still taking part in the roundup! Love you all, keep being rad!

Artists Included:

LockeZero (
elbenjaftw (
PoneBoning (

Mmm, true Ms Trixie, very true. And I have been where you are many times! But hey…it sure did make for a good episode, eh?!

Thanks for drawing for the Cadance challenge today Ponetistic! Hope you enjoyed yourself more than poor Trixie here did, and please come again when next a challenge strikes your fancy!

Artists Included:

Ponetistic (