Princess Cadance posing for a photoshoot while pregnant with Flurry. Even enlarged she is still drop dead gorgous!

Thank you, I swear it’s not a fetish, for this lovely submission.

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NSFW Art~!

Two alicorns posed for tonight’s challenge! I bet Cadance was the one who convinced Twilight to give it a try!

Thank you for joining us tonight, MILF milk plz and ShinyFilthyWork! Hope to see you again real soon!

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This is the submission from the Luna that had box issues, nothing for the Celestia Challenge this morning. Better luck next time Banjo! Gaooooh!

Man, something interesting must be goin’ on with this couple if this is the baby making process :’D

Thanks for participating Hexado, hope ya had fun!

See you all later for more stuff! Bye for now!

Looks like Tempest has a thing or two to learn yet, like how her friends will probably only ask for nice and pretty magical spells to be cast on them, not dark ones. Just make Twi look like Cadance here! That’s all you gotta do, girl!

A big thanks to Moonatik and Aimi Hanibal for taking part in the challenge today! If you enjoyed yourselves, please do come back for more challenges!

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Exceptionally flexible changeling queens come bearing gifts of affection! And, a reference to an ancient and hilarious series on youtube called Baman and Piderman! Wonderful!

Thanks go out to YOU, Derpanater and Jargon Scott, for submitting art for today’s challenge! Hope you had a fun time, and will come back again sometime!

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