Whoops, wardrobe malfunction!

You know Rarity brought it all. Sprays, creams, umbrellas… everything. Probably even a spare top or three. But it doesn’t remove them tiddies from Snips’ brain! Curse you public beaches! CURSE YOU CRAB!

Nice job Elbenjaftw! Hope ya had fun 😀 see y’all next time for more challenge! Baiiii~


My my, these mare’s certainly do seem to enjoy their toys quite a lot!

Thank you very much for all your contributions to today’s challenge, artists! Hope much fun was had, and hope you’ll join us again soon for more challenges!

Artists Included:

HowToBen (http://howtoben.tumblr.com/)
elbenjaftw (http://elbenjaftw.tumblr.com)
mpushomework (http://mpushomework.tumblr.com/)
KD (https://krystal-dragoness-art-corner.tumblr.com/)
Lockezero (http://lockensfwstuff.tumblr.com)

That’s some good fruit fuckin’ right there!

A hearty thanks to all our participants for this challenge! You are the reason we do this after all!

Hope everyone had fun, and we’ll see you all soon for the next challenge!

Artists Included:

Joey Waggoner (https://joeywaggoner.tumblr.com/ and https://jwafterdark.tumblr.com/)
dnon (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dononny/)
mpushomework (http://mpushomework.tumblr.com/)
elbenjaftw (http://elbenjaftw.tumblr.com)