I’ve always wondered, how do ladies put those kinds of tops on? It’s gotta be a heck of a task, and this Glimmy doesn’t even have a horn to get magical assistance!

Thanks for taking part in this challenge, Empyu! Hope you’ll join us again soon for another challenge!

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Unlock that pone phone~

We’ve got a sfw entry as well, but I think there was a misunderstanding about the theme. There’s no turning a thing into a pony or anything, I think a section of the room was just drawn.

Anyway, thanks for participating! Both of you! Hope you had fun :3

See you later for more challenge! G’bye for now~

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Who was pone on phone!? Who was phone pone!? Do you know Spike!? Scootaloo!?

Hmm. I must solve this mystery >3>

See you guys next time for more challenge! Have a good day while I track down this mysterious pone!

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