Hello everyone. Ivy/SweetFilthyFun here. We at 30minchallenge sincerely apologize for this whole situation and we’re trying our best to resolve it as quickly as possible. As a courtesy to you, our loyal followers, we have created this new blog for you to follow and keep updated on what’s happening as it’s happening.

You already know that Solar is not how this hacker paints him out to be. Solar and all of us at the challenge do greatly care about you all and all the work you do. It was Solar’s idea to create this backup blog, and it was also Solar’s idea to back up as much of the original blog’s posts as possible, meaning that not all of your hard work is lost. Everything happening over at the old blog is out of our control until staff steps in, so for now, unfollow the old blog and follow this blog. While Solar takes care of the report, he will be going through me to report on said report. Heh. Reportception.

Anyway, we thank all of you for your support and we hope to get this situation resolved as soon as possible!

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