“Hi I’m sorry and I really dont mean to stir up trouble, but I was directed to send an ask in. Uhm last night during the fightclub challenge I accidentally sent in the rough draft of my art. I realized a few minutes later and tried to send in the final after resaving it to be sure, and it was still wihin the time limit. And I put a note that I’d sent the wrong one in. However the rough still was posted. I was just told I should bring this to attention and I really mean no harm.” -Mabu

I already responded to this via personal message but I feel a fair amount of it is relevant for a general message.

We clear the queue of submissions to make room for the next challenge’s art.

I didn’t handle the submissions myself on that one so I can’t say for sure if your art or message was received in the first place. However I will say not all our mods can check the message box for the blog itself (they do not have admin status) if that’s where you put the message. If you somehow put your message in the submitter I have no idea how or where you would do that off the top of my head.

We’re also still adjusting somewhat to the new system’s way of displaying submissions so sometimes the newer version of a picture gets deleted rather than the older one. We’ll work on getting that sorted out.

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