This is really probably not even nearly censored enough. I’ll have to tag even this prompt NSFW.

Today’s 24 Hour Non Pony Challenge is… sweet freakin’ jesus… it’s… The Ultimate Orgy!

That’s right it’s time for everything from all the things you know to do the do to each other!

You’ve got 24 Hours to draw as many things shagging as many things as possible!

You can of course break it up into smaller submissions if you prefer but in this case I think I’d recommend doing one big piece.

Ponies ARE of course allowed, it’s just that they’re not required for this, as usual with non-pony challenges.

Hopefully you guys will have a lot of fun with this one XD let your perverse sides run totally wild!

See you here tomorrow at 7PM CST to post the results!

Art from ‘The Ultimate Orgy’, censored (but not censored enough) version here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMQ7J0mB3hQ )

Extra info below for those not familiar with the 24 hour challenges!

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We’re doing a 24-hour challenge now. Reblogging for the European participants.

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