Today’s Non-Pony Celestia Challenge is Crash Bandicoot!

This classic platform series about a wacky spinning marsupial made a comeback this year, with a fresh new look on the original trilogy. In the 1st game, Crash uses his abilities and the power of Aku Aku to save Tawna from Dr Cortex, and an assortment of villains, before she gets experimented in the Vortex. In the 2nd game, Crash and has to gather the crystals to stop Cortex from global domination! And finally in the 3rd game, Cortex accidentally awakens the mighty Uka Uka, and Aku Aku asks for the assistance of Crash and his sister Coco to stop Cortex and Uka from taking over the world.

Pick whoever you like from the series! You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have Fun!

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