I should have seen this coming *pun not intended* and now I have to clean up all the drippings! ugh….. this is why I don’t do nsfw specifics usually. Anyway lets hope the saying that it is good for your skin is true right? right?…… right?

anyway we got a lot of submissions today. Thanks to everyone that sent these in today and see you for luna.

Artists Included:

32232232 (http://32232232.tumblr.com/)
Fimbulvinter (https://fimbulvintersketchdump.tumblr.com/image/172219480868)
LockHeart – 9Volt (http://9volt-nsfw.tumblr.com/)
KD (https://krystal-dragoness-art-corner.tumblr.com/)
mpushomework (http://mpushomework.tumblr.com/)
Selbbap (http://pabbley.tumblr.com)