Oh yeah I almost forgot! We really need to do The Roundup, don’t we?

For those unfamiliar what this means is the box will be open for roughly 24 hours. During which you can submit any of the following…

  1. Fan Art for the blog, such as art of Quick Draw.
  2. Art for a topic you missed, regardless of how old, but you wanted to participate in.
  3. An updated piece of art for a challenge you did participate in.
  4. Art of a type not normally accepted due to there being elements of pre-challenge start work involved. Things like film makers and cosplay.

You’re free to submit as many pieces as you’d like and it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent a lot of time or a little on it, no 30 minutes involved here or anything, it’s just to round up that art!

Regular challenges will still run during this time.

Yeeeehaw~ see ya tomorrow for the postin’!