It’s been much too long since the last roundup! So… time for a roundup!

For the next 24 hours you can…

  1. Submit art related to previous challenges- no matter how old- be it a missed challenge you liked, a challenge you didn’t get to turn art in for, or similar scenarios (preferably signifying clearly what the challenge was)
  2. Submit art that’s an update of a previous entry you made for a challenge. (adding color, other ponies, more detail, et cetera)
  3. Submit fanart of Quick Draw, our mascot horse.
  4. Submit art of a not normally accepted sort due to use of pre-existing materials (cosplay, Gary’s Mod…)

And you can submit as much of any of those as you like. How long you worked on a thing doesn’t matter, this is just a way for everyone to show what they’ve made or where they’ve taken a piece we may have seen in a less complete state, that sort of thing. If you updated a piece last week it’s fine, if you scurry to color a piece in the next day, that’s fine. Whatever works!

Challenges will run as normal during this period, this is just an additional thing that will be going on.

So, get along little arties! Yeeehaw~ get in that box!