I’m not sure if it’s just a “I only have this much time between x activities” thing or not, but 15 minutes is hardly much time to do anything… Especially when it’s supposed to be a “30 minute” art challenge. The 45 ones I can get as a little special treat, but 15… Man. Too short of a time.

We don’t often do 15 minute challenges. But when we do we tend to try to keep them simpler.

In this case I suppose it could have gotten a little complex, but as with most topics that’s up to the artist.

Regardless though, keep in mind a ‘15 minute’ challenge still has a 15 minute submission window as well, which you are welcome to work during. Really, this is the most ‘30 minute’ the 30 minute challenge gets!

Sorry if it’s tight for you, but it is what it is. A rare thing where speed is the name of the game.