Hey is there a round up coming soon? I don’t think I’ve seen one recently and there are quite a few challenges I missed due to work and school I’d like to take a crack at officially.

True, I’ve been meaning to run a Roundup for a while now.

We’ll hold one starting tomorrow night I think.

But for the record you’re allowed and in fact encouraged to work on things outside of the roundup time itself, that’s just the submission window.

I mean, you can still time yourself if you want and all that, but the roundup is more of a catch all that lets people participate and update things than our normal timed, work within this window, requirements.

You can even write how long you worked on it on the piece or in some sort of note to us if you like, but you can totally have worked on those things you wanted to whenever you wanted and held onto them :3 that’s encouraged.